Contemplation, Meditation & Mindfulness

Contemplation is the practice of thoughtful observation of life and the world, a process of intentional reflective practice that entails the opening of mind and heart to the present moment – the ‘noticing’ of things, if you like – so that, by attention to thought and feeling, one may be granted a deeper awareness.  In fact. it has been said that contemplation is the root of awareness and creativity.

There are many reflective practices that come together under the umbrella of contemplation.  SoulSpace offers opportunity to explore several of these practices, including mindfulness, meditation, prayer and the creative arts.

Connect is a mindfulness-based gathering on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month.

A group gathers for 15 minutes of mindfulness on Thursday mornings.

An occasional Contemplative Gathering offers peace and stillness through 40 minutes of reflective practice to calm the soul.

Meditative practice may include guided meditation, silent reflection on visual images, contemplative repetition of bible verses or other mantras, meditation to music, and more.  Reflective practices vary in length and style, but the emphasis is generally on peace and stillness.

SoulSpace Retreats

SoulSpace Retreats are offered on request to provide extended opportunities for reflective practice, perhaps for half days or full days, and may focus on a particular theme such as Finding Life, Seasons of Creation, God in the Everyday, Art, Journaling, Advent, Easter, Yearning, Forgiveness, Rest and more.

Creative Arts

One of the primary descriptors of the nature of God in all spiritual traditions is that of Creator.  So it stands to reason that creative expression may be an effective pathway to the experience and expression of God in life.

SoulSpace is passionate about fostering creativity through the provision of space and resources for the learning, display and practice of the creative arts, including visual arts, dramatic arts, creative thought, literary arts, play and more.  If you have a yearning to engage in some aspect of creativity then get in touch – we may have a group that’s just right for you, or we may be able to provide space for you to gather with other like-minded people.

Therapeutic Services

As a centre for wholeness and wellbeing, SoulSpace affirms the integration of body, mind and spirit.  This is reflected in the therapeutic services that are offered under the SoulSpace umbrella, including Pilates, yoga, counselling and family therapy.

Corporate Programs

The resources of SoulSpace can be applied beneficially in corporate settings.  Research and experience has shown that productivity increases when staff are encouraged to maintain appropriate work/life balance, and when workplaces pay attention to the personal wellbeing of their staff.  SoulSpace can tailor a program that meets the individual needs of your workplace.  This may include meditation and mindfulness, massage and relaxation, workshops on stress management, goal-setting skills, listening skills, understanding dreams, healthy lifestyle, journaling and more.